How to choose the right pear according to our picker? Avoid pears with a soft belly and always look for those with an orange cheek. Solid pears have an intact stem. Do not be afraid of reddish brown color, it is natural.

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Juicy pears full of vitamins! Take a look at our recipes from fresh pears and let yourself be inspired

Pear pie with mascarpone - from flour, sugar, a pinch of salt, butter, eggs, make dough, cut pears, (mascarpone dressing: mix cream, eggs, sugar) roll out the dough, put it in a mold, pour the dressing on it, wrap the pieces of pears in a vanilla sugar, place on the dough, pour the remaining dressing, bake for about 45 min.

How about pear jam? - prepare the infusion - put the peel from pears in the pot together with lemon zest, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, pour water and cook, meanwhile cut the pears, put in another pot, strain the infusion through a sieve and pour the pears into it, then cook until soft and then add the sugar and let it dissolve

Pear smoothie full of vitamins! - Peel 2 pears, remove the kernels, cut into smaller pieces and put together with the peeled banana in a blender, then add 100 ml of milk, 150 ml of yogurt and 1 PL of honey and mix everything into a smooth smoothie

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