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Focusing on GIN

Miniature encyclopedia of gins: What to select and how to serve it. Gin cocktails

“Juniper brandy” is how most of us imagine gin. But there are many different types and, besides the aroma of juniper berries, there are other ingredients that dominate such as the flavor of herbs, citrus, cinnamon and cucumbers. The wide range of gins reflects today’s social trends, which is to try brand new and novelty flavors.

Are you choosing a gin for the first time? You have several options. The basic drink is London dry gin where juniper flavor dominates along with subtle tones of herbs and citrus. But if you prefer more pronounced tastes, select a gin special for its aroma of strawberries, sweet oranges, cucumber extract or Bulgarian rose oil.

Did you know that…

How to serve gin By itself or in cocktails

Enjoy quality gin even straight. Just add a little crushed ice at the bottom of the glass along with a slice of lemon or lime. The typical taste of gin, captivating with its unusual combination of juniper and herbs, goes very well with other flavors. That's why gin is so popular in the greatest variety of cocktails. See the three best gin cocktails just below.

Gin cocktails Try the top 3 favorites!

Gin as a gift

Taste, first-class ingredients and traditional methods make gin a wonderful gift

Choose between classic and delicately flavored gins.

Something attractive to entertain family and friends

There have been enough conversations about the weather. Shine among your friends with an intriguing drink guaranteed to surprise and entertain them. The following pearly drinks are naturally best served with gin!

The most popular gin among our customers


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